Agile and collaborative. Creating a website from scratch for an innovative start-up.

Evolve BioSystems

We worked with the client to identify goals and needs for a website that would not only sell product but also educate the public about a brand new product. Two unique content and shopping experiences were created for both consumers and healthcare professionals. Gray Loon developed the website while collaborating with five other agencies who were tasked with developing various pieces of a comprehensive marketing plan to bring the product, Evivo, to market.


  • Strategy Consultation 
  • UX/UI Design
  • Responsive Design 


  • New website: Drupal + Shopify

Evolve BioSystems, Inc. is a microbiome company dedicated to developing the next generation of products to establish, restore, and maintain a healthy human gut microbiome. Multiple agencies were selected to bring their first product, Evivo, to market. 

From the Team

Scott Bishop

It was a thrilling working with the start-up Evivo. It meant constantly adjusting development strategy as the Evivo team found the optimal way to introduce an extraordinary product into the market!

Scott Bishop, Senior Web Developer
Angela Mulherin

It was an honor to work with such a revolutionary company and other talented agencies; the collaboration was exciting and we all enjoyed learning from each other. The challenge and fun of working with a start-up is knowing that everything is an experiment and being ok with continuing to tweak and improve as the analytics begin to roll in.

Angela Mulherin, Project Manager

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