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Building a fresh, new store that's responsive and user-friendly for all the girls with guns out there.

Girls with Guns Clothing

Girls With Guns Clothing needed to really optimize their site for mobile, since the majority of its traffic is coming from mobile. With some tweaks to the Shopify theme, the new site is easier than ever to navigate on mobile -- and every other desktop or tablet.


  • Theme consultation and programming
  • Ongoing site optimization analysis


  • Responsive website development
  • Shopify store

Our Approach

Since its launch in 2009, Girls With Guns has been gaining traction with women who love camo as much as their firearms. With a new store and a continuing partnership, GWG will blow the female outdoor apparel competition out of the water.

From the Team

Sarah Smith Barnum

It was a true pleasure to get to not only work with a company that makes apparel for outdoorswomen like myself, but to help two friends of mine build an online store that we can all be proud of, and will continue to optimize as we move forward.

Sarah Smith Barnum, Project Manager
Jen Green

Mobile shopping is at an all-time high, and one of our top priorities was to ensure that the GWG site was responsive and user-friendly on tablets and mobile devices. Now shoppers can quickly purchase with an optimized checkout funnel on mobile.

Jen Green, Senior Designer

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