4 Basic Strategies for Winning on Social Media

4 Basic Strategies for Winning on Social Media

Winning on social media is about building brand loyalty – and keeping your customers coming back for more.

When you scroll through your feed on social media, whether on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, what makes you stop? Why do you take 5 to 10 seconds, potentially longer, to engage with a post - to like it, double-tap it, comment on it or share it with your friends? Better yet: What makes your potential customers want to stop and engage with your brand?

Winning on social media starts with being empathetic and making your audience feel like they’re connected to your brand. People will show more interest in what your brand has to say if they feel like they’re part of the team and you truly care about their patronage. Create meaningful connections on social and you’re on your way to building brand loyalty – and keeping your customers coming back for more. 

1. Maintain a consistent brand identity, no matter the social media platform.

Social media users should recognize your brand, no matter the platform. Your voice, branding, values and more should be consistent. Every single post or comment you make is a reflection of your brand.

When you walk by your favorite store, do you want to stop? Yes, you do. You know what awaits you inside, so you walk in the store and interact with the products, employees and other customers. The consistent experience each time you shop keeps you coming back for more. Your audience has the same thought process on social media. Encourage them to stop at the place they know and love, and then engage.

2. Create content that’s engaging and relatable to your audience.

In the age of high-end cell phones and affordable DSLR cameras, there’s no reason you can’t produce unending amounts of quality photo and video content. 

Produce content that invites your target audience into the experience. If your company sells hunting gear or clothing, curate content that allows your audience to see themselves wearing that clothing. 

Most brands are too “salesy.” Their content is one sales pitch after another, without adding any value to their customers. Demonstrate that you share the same passion for their lifestyles. Demonstrate your shared values. Tell them a great story that brings a smile to their faces.

Humanize your brand by focusing on the experiences that happen with your product or service, instead of focusing on constantly selling. 

3. Craft captions that resonate.

Captions should be unique to your brand. What’s your tone? Better yet: What’s your audience’s tone? You may have an idea about how you want to sound on a certain platform, but what if it doesn't match your audience? Make sure you know the people following you. How old are they? Where are they from? Talk to your followers like they talk to you. 

4. Build a community.

This is the easiest part of  winning at social media. Be involved in the social community. If someone leaves a comment on your page or post, interact with them. Create an environment in which people know they are heard when they have something to say to your brand.

And be proactive. Go to your followers’ pages and posts, and engage with them. If you see a question you know the answer to, answer it. If you like the picture they posted, let them know by liking, commenting, or leaving a quick emoji. People should view your brand as a person they can talk to and trust.

Remember, show empathy toward your followers and eventually you won’t be the only one saying your brand is great - your followers will tell each other. 

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Katie Johnson

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