We approach your marketing challenges and opportunities by creating a strategic plan. We partner with you to understand your industry, your competition, and your audience and carry out the most effective tactics for meeting your objectives.


Your brand is your front line

We’ll help you create your identity, grow it, and nurture it along the way.

Websites & Ecommerce

Everyone has a search engine in their hand

It’s critical that your business can be found and is well represented in your space on the web. We can provide a solution that works with your business model and integrates with your existing systems.

Content Creation

You need visitors

We align a content marketing strategy to meet your top goals like converting online sales, increasing your search ranking, driving dealer traffic, educating site visitors on your product or service and more. With a strategy in place, our creative team has the chops to create interactive web content to keep your site visitors engaged with your brand.

Social Media Marketing

You can’t afford to be mediocre on social

Social media platforms have evolved to the point you need a team of people with varying skill sets to execute a strategic plan that captures attention and tells your story. We establish your goals, create a plan and then create platform-specific social content to meet your goals. We’ll bring a sales mentality to your social game that will not just bring you attention, but bring you customers as well.

Influencer Marketing

Embrace the power to inspire others

Gray Loon helps clients improve social reach by executing and managing a digital influencer program, which includes men and women who share a common interest in how their product is used. Gray Loon and its clients educate each influencer on the products and how to better tell their story. The influencer program helps create widespread awareness through high-volume messaging. It is supported by a variety of media platforms, including blogs, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Media Relations

You have a story to tell

Our relationships run deep with the people who can tell it. We create tactical communication plans that connect your brand with the right influencers and media outlets who can tell your story to the masses - as well as the targeted demographics most likely to be your customer. Quite simply, we bring your brand attention that translates into sales.

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