About Us

We are a small team of creatives located near the rushing waters of the Ohio River in the southern tip of Indiana in a lovely little city called Evansville.

Our Process

Our process is simple and effective, and is always strategy-centric.


First and foremost is a plan. What are your objectives? Who is your audience? How can we bring you to them and meet your goals?


We work together tightly in small teams of in-house specialists, including strategists, marketers, designers, and programmers to produce effective, goal-oriented products.


The show isn’t over on launch day. We continually anaylize your metrics, evaluate results based on your goals, and adapt to meet changing markets and technologies.

Our Team

We’re proud to have some of the best talent in the industry under our roof.

Scott Bishop Scott Bishop
Kaitlin Bitter Kaitlin Bitter
Katie Dausmann Katie Dausmann
Clint Davis Clint Davis
Greg Gehlhausen Greg Gehlhausen
Jen Green Jen Green
Jonathan Harling Jonathan Harling
Bryan Horstman Bryan Horstman
Leta Horstman Leta Horstman
Sarah Jochim Sarah Jochim
Eric Knepp Eric Knepp
Tom Lewis Tom Lewis
Jason Ludwig Jason Ludwig
Lucas Matte Lucas Matte
Angela Mulherin Angela Mulherin
Justin Neel Justin Neel
Amelia Roberts Amelia Roberts
Jon Ruthenburg Jon Ruthenburg
Ashley Schalasky Ashley Schalasky
Sara Schotter Sara Schotter
Sarah Smith Barnum Sarah Smith Barnum
Robert Sollman Robert Sollman
Brita Turbyfill Brita Turbyfill
Robert Wade Robert Wade
Julie Wilkins Julie Wilkins
Eric Young Eric Young

Certified Google Partner

We are a certified Google Partner with a specialty in Search Advertising. We can assist you with basic and advanced search concepts, as well as management, measurement and optimization of your campaigns.

By the Numbers

All the important stuff about our staff, broke down for your convenience.


Dog 88.5%
Cat 12.5%


Coffee 96%
Tea 4%


Outdoors 70%
Indoors 30%


Baseball 74%
Football 26%


Mac 99%
PC 1%


iPhone 80%
Android 20%

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Evansville - e is for everyone.

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Gray Loon was founded in Evansville in 1994. We're a combination of life-long residents and many happy transplants. We are all proud to call Evansville our home and to be a part of it's rich and welcoming community.

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