Evansville Convention & Visitors Bureau

We’re helping our hometown CVB reach out and attract new tourism to Evansville.

For more than a decade, we’ve partnered with our hometown convention and visitors bureau to attract tourism in a highly competitive Midwest market.

Location, Location, Location

Visit Evansville

Evansille is a smaller city than some of our close neighbors, including Chicago, Louisville, St. Louis, and Nashville. This creates some unique challenges. We helped the CVB showcase the city’s central location as an advantage for tourists and businesses.

Data Changes Come Daily in a Growing City

The CVB’s small staff is constantly updating information on the site. We selected Drupal as the primary CMS, so it’s so easy for them to use.

Make It Pretty

This lovely small city is often overlooked because of its proximity to larger markets. So we wanted to create a unique visual signature to accurately portray Evansville and catch the eye of potential tourists and businesses. We think our designers nailed it.

What We Did


Content Strategy
Information Architecture
UX/UI Design
Site Design
CMS Integration
Inbound Marketing
Consumer Research
Back-End Development


Responsive Web Development



From the Team

Justin Neel

I put myself in a visitor's shoes while I was building this site. I created user experiences like I'd want to have.

Justin Neel, Senior Web Developer, Drupalist

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