Mead Johnson Nutrition

Bringing big ideas to life for an industry leader in infant nutrition.

We have partnered with the U.S. Marketing team, Research & Development division, Human Resources, and Public Relations at Mead Johnson Nutrition for over 7 years to assist in bringing ideas, objectives, and product messaging to life through multiple channels.

Achieving the Perfect Balance

With Mead Johnson, we are constantly challenged to implement best practices and apply design and programming expertise to requests, while staying true to corporate and brand guidelines and messaging.

Stay Educated, Respond Quickly

We strive to always gain and maintain detailed knowledge of products, objectives, and company culture to create an efficient and effective production team that can respond quickly to any request.

What We Did


<ul><li>Website Design and Development</li><li>Responsive Email Design and Development</li><li>Social Media Channel Support (U.S. and Global)</li><li>Banner Ad Programming</li><li>Display Walls</li><li>Event Support</li></ul>


<ul><li>Email Marketing</li><li>Responsive Website Development</li><li>eCommerce</li><li>Traditional Marketing</li><li>Digital Design</li><li>Social Channel Strategy and Support</li></ul>


From the Team

Jason Ludwig

Our clients deserve a team that is dedicated to providing quality work in a timely manner. They need a team that is willing to push the boundaries of technology in order to help them meet their marketing goals. That is what we do everyday.

Jason Ludwig, Web Development Director

From the Client

The team at Gray Loon has been the epitome of a solid partner – reliable, flexible, insightful, and dependable – for over 7 years. We ask a lot of them and they deliver every time.

Ed Scharf, Manager, US Website Development, Mead Johnson Nutrition

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