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Gray Loon helps clients improve social reach by executing and managing a digital influencer program, which includes men and women who share a common interest in how their product is used. Gray Loon and its clients educate each influencer on the products and how to better tell their story. The influencer program helps create widespread awareness through high-volume messaging. It is supported by a variety of media platforms, including blogs, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more.

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Here's what we do.

We provide a full range of marketing solutions for brands that want to reach their audience across a diverse set of mediums.


We develop an informative creative brief to provide each influencer with company information, examples of posts, keywords and phrases, imagery and a contract outlining the expectations for the client.


Depending on the company and product, we search for the best influencers with the right audience that can help tell your story, and provide you with a list of names to target.


As the point of contact for our clients, we are in touch with each influencer making sure they are properly equipped with the correct messaging and product, answer any questions they might have, and monitor their posts throughout the year.

Example Projects

Benelli USA

Influencer Guidelines


Influencer Guidelines


Influencer Guidelines

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