Benelli USA

The websites we built for this longtime partner are fully loaded with easy-to-use product information.

We’ve been privileged to have worked with the marketing team at Benelli USA for the past 16 years. Benelli continues to lead the industry with innovative products. We’re honored to help communicate that innovation to consumers.

Photo by Lee Kjos

Benelli’s websites are now as responsive as our 16-year partnership.

Benelli USA

We have put Benelli’s multiple-brand web presence on the forefront of emerging technology. HTML5 and responsive design make the site loaded and ready for visits from any type of device.

Thousands of Configurations at Your Trigger Finger Tips

Benelli has thousands of different firearm variations. With a unique database design, we've given users the ability to find specific models by defining the criteria important to them. That includes gauge/caliber, finish, stock style, or even particular shooting or hunting style.

Drupal Integration Gives More Control

By building on the Drupal 7 framework, we've given Benelli control of its content. That includes the extremely complex firearm pages and specifications charts, that are now easily managed. That means it’s quick and cost effective to make updates.

Defined Goals and Metrics + Tracking = Success

Before we began the site architecture, we defined site goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). Those guided all decisions about content and functionality. Having measurement tools in place ensures we can track the return of this project.

New Benelli Ethos Blends Art and Technology

Benelli asked us to develop an interactive promotional site to showcase the launch of its Ethos shotgun. We accepted that challenge and created a responsive, parallax site in just 3 short weeks—in time for product launch.

Using Social Media to Build Brand Loyalty

For Benelli USA, the aim was simple: prioritize brand-to-consumer engagement and promote a sense of community on social media. We worked with them to implement a strategy that educates, enriches, and entertains by emphasizing quality content, top-tier customer service, and consistent day-to-day platform management.

Influencer Marketing: Engaging Social Content at Your Fingertips

As part of Benelli’s content strategy, we assembled a team of social media influencers designed to help them expand their reach and grow the content library. We started by identifying influential individuals within the hunting community and the social landscape, and designed a Creative Brief to educate each potential influencer on the brand’s voice and build excitement around joining the team.

Our hands-on approach from recruitment to day-to-day management has resulted in a highly engaged team, expanded social reach, and a library of high-quality photo and video assets for Benelli’s exclusive use.

What We Did


Content Strategy
Information Architecture
UX/UI Design
Site Design
CMS Integration
Copy Editing for Web Readability
Website and Ecommerce Development
Responsive Design
Social media strategy
Social media management
Social media reporting
Influencer management


B2B and B2C Responsive Website Development
Email Marketing Program
New Product Promotions
Influencer program development
Influencer creative brief
Custom social media reporting


From the Team

Brita Turbyfill

We accomplished several goals on this project. We made it easy for consumers to find the firearm that’s best for them. We portrayed the identity of the Benelli brands. And we gave Benelli full control of their content.

Brita Turbyfill, Partner | Director of Outdoors
Bryan Horstman

Creating 6 unique responsive websites with ecommerce integration was challenging and rewarding. After launch, the team continues to refine the design and functionality as we strive to exceed the goals set.

Bryan Horstman, Partner | Design Director

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