Case Study: Startup TETRA Makes Noise in Outdoor Industry

Case Study: Startup TETRA Makes Noise in Outdoor Industry

How we helped this startup turn an idea into a direct-to-consumer business.

In 2019, we were approached by two audiologists and entrepreneurs with a business and product line idea that solved several problems for outdoor enthusiasts: 

  1. Hearing loss makes hunting more difficult.
  2. Current hearing enhancement devices have significant weaknesses.
  3. Many waterfowl and upland hunters shoot high volumes without hearing protection, permanently damaging their hearing and impacting enjoyment of future hunts.

These hearing doctors and hunters wanted to solve these problems with their own product. They came to us with only a prototype and a true entrepreneur's tenacity.

This is how we helped this startup turn an idea into a direct-to-consumer business.

Name and Logo Development

After much debate and several design iterations, we landed on the name TETRA and the tagline Hear The Hunt. Here’s the final logo we developed.

The product names and overall brand messaging followed.




As a direct-to-consumer brand that relies solely on eCommerce for sales, TETRA's website is critical to overall success. TETRA’s site features an interactive product selector to help guide purchase decisions, a hearing test to help consumers customize products to their specific hearing profile, and search-optimized product and blog pages that help boost traffic and conversions.


Marketing Plan

As TETRA’s agency of choice, we’re responsible for all of TETRA’s marketing efforts. Working with a startup, we needed to be good stewards of our budgets as we built an omni-channel marketing plan. Our plan includes:

  • Media relations
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid sponsorships
  • Influencer marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Ad buying, placement and management including print, digital, search, and social
  • Asset Creation - Product photography, videos, animations and more

Our Year 1 goal was to drive brand awareness while building brand trust and, of course, get TETRA’s products into as many hunters’ hands as possible. We were hoping to drive over 10,000,000 brand impressions and 140,000 website visits. The activities above helped us do that and more. In addition to earning brand awareness and building quality remarketing audiences, TETRA earned Guns and Ammo’s Technology of the Year Award just four short months after launch, further fueling our efforts and providing another avenue of brand discovery. 

Year One Highlights

TETRA co-founders David Gnewikow (center right) and Bill Dickinson (far right) accept Guns and Ammo's Technology of the Year Award at the 2020 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • 12.5m brand impressions
  • 12,000+ average monthly site visitors
  • 180,000+ site visitors
  • 70+ news articles
  • 8 feature stories
  • 0 to 8,000+ social media followers
  • 12-month sales goal achieved
  • Winner - Guns and Ammo Technology of the Year Award

Client Testimonial

“Gray Loon is our agency partner because of their portfolio second and their people first. Yes, they have the experience to help us market and sell, but it’s important to us that our agency understands our product and the outdoor customer, and that we work well together. We’re glad we chose Gray Loon.” - Bill Dickinson, TETRA co-founder

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