Steiner Optics

Helping consumers and the media see the brand clearly.

Gray Loon works closely with the Steiner team to ensure that customers get a strong brand message across all platforms, from the website to the media.

Photo by Lee Kjos

Easily Compare Products and Find Your Fit

Steiner Optics

Steiner products speak for themselves, but we help to spread the word about its high-quality product lines via the media and web. Utilizing a strategic digital approach, we ensure that we track the data to help us hone in on new leads, site progress and ROI.

You Won’t Need Binoculars to Find Support

Steiner Optics takes quality very seriously, and backs its products 100%. We created easy online tools so customers can access support when they need it.

Drupal Integration Puts the Client in Control

We built the site using the Drupal 7 framework, so it’s quick and cost-effective for Steiner Optics to have control of the website content. Even complex specification charts and product comparisons are easy to manage .

The Site Looks Great from Anywhere

Steiner Optics

With HTML5 and responsive design practices, we’ve ensured the site looks good and works well from any device. That’s good for site visitors, helps site results, and extends the useful life of a site.

What We Did


Content Strategy
Information Architecture
UX/UI Design
Site Design
CMS Integration
Copy Editing for Web Readability
Responsive Design
Ongoing Analytics Analysis
Media Relations


Responsive Website Development (US and International)
Product Catalog (US and International)


From the Team

Brita Turbyfill

Steiner products are top of the line, and they needed a site that portrayed that while making the buying decision super easy for consumers. Their new website does just that.

Brita Turbyfill, Partner | Director of Outdoors
Bryan Horstman

With the incredible library of photography and video provided, we were able to deliver a focused design that is content-driven and user-friendly.

Bryan Horstman, Partner | Design Director

From the Client

For many years, I have relied on Gray Loon for web design, web development, and online marketing strategy for multiple brands. There is no hand holding with Gray Loon — you give them an assignment and they get it done. They have delivered high-performing web projects for me time and time again. I would recommend Gray Loon’s services to anyone.

Stephen McKelvain, Chief Global Marketing Officer for Beretta Optics Division

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