Photo by Duck Commander

Fans who flock to the site can now experience a whole new look - with a redesigned social media feed and new store.

Duck Commander

We got their ducks in a row with high-class design, interactive social sharing, and functionality on this new site and store. Now it's our job to get the word out about their hunting products, with new releases from Strut and Fin Commander, along with new lines of calls from Duck Commander.


  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • UX/UI Design
  • Site Design
  • CMS Integration
  • Responsive Design
  • Ongoing Analytics Analysis
  • Media Relations

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  • Media Relations
  • Responsive website development
  • Content Management System: Drupal and BigCommerce

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Our Approach

With such a huge fan base, we worked closely with Duck Commander to ensure the newly designed site offered what their fans wanted, as well as provided a simple way to sell their products while incorporating QuickBooks and drop-shipping.

Gray Loon's foundation is built on digital marketing. We are meshing our marketing experience with our industry background and knowledge to keep Duck Commander at the forefront of the game call community.

Media Relations

In addition to Duck Commander fans who flock to the site experiencing a whole new look - with a redesigned social media feed and new store, Gray Loon is also working to launch new products to the outdoor community. Whether it's a guest appearance, radio interview or article, Gray Loon's media relations efforts are keeping the brand top-of-mind among the outdoor media as they share Commander news and product reviews with their readers/followers.

Gray Loon played a vital role in lining up Willie Robertson as the guest speaker during the Sunday morning worship service at the NWTF's 2018 Annual Convention & Sport Show in Nashville, Tenn.

Gray Loon pitched Duck Commander's new products to the writer, and provided samples of the calls for field testing and photography.

Our distribution lists reach the top outdoor media, whether it's tactical, hunting, fishing, archery, extreme sports, lifestyle and more. Outlets such as The Loadout Room have picked up our client's press releases and shared them with their followers. Gray Loon strives to put our clients in front of a variety of audiences.

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From the Team

Scott Bishop

I enjoy the challenges e-commerce presents, especially with such a popular, high-volume client like Duck Commander. This project required some complex integrations between the web store, accounting and warehouse fulfillment.

Scott Bishop, Senior Web Developer
Jonathan Harling

Duck Commander is recognized worldwide for its family, and for developing dependable duck calls for hardcore duck hunters, and now they're doing the same through their new Commander brands...Fin Commander, Goose Commander and Strut Commander. They recognize the importance of sticking to their roots, and relating to those who have relied on their products for years. Working with the Duck Commander team on the front lines of PR is truly an awesome experience.

Jonathan Harling, PR Director

From the Client

We partnered with Gray Loon 9 years ago and they are consistently looking out for our best interest. Six websites later, we continue to trust Gray Loon for our web marketing needs.

Stephanie Walker, Commander Companies (Duck Commander and Buck Commander)

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