Hunt like a warrior

SIG SAUER needed a hunting-industry specialist to help develop and introduce a new line of ammunition.

Photo by Photo provided by SIG SAUER

SIG SAUER is committed to innovation and next generation product development which has led to them dominating the military and law enforcement industries worldwide. But when they decided get involved in the hunting industry, they came to the experts, tasking Gray Loon to help guide them on how best to introduce a new line of hunting ammunition to the hunting market. The biggest objective was to formulate a name, package, and messaging concept that brought SIG SAUER's already well-known warrior mindset to the hunt.

What We Did


Brand Development
Content Strategy
Product Naming
Packaging Design
Ad Design
3D Illustrations


Brand development
Package design
Print ads

From the Team

Ashley Schalasky

It is exciting to be part of a project from the very beginning, helping to concept everything from the name to messaging to the overall look and feel. It is humbling when you see something you contributed to actually on store shelves.

Ashley Schalasky, Project Manager

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